How to Choose your Solar Panel System?

The most important questions to ask when choosing a solar panel system:

What should my Solar Panel System size be for optimum power cost savings?

Where will the solar panels go on my roof, and is my roof ready for solar panels?

How do I work out the time of day I use most power?

How do I choose a trusted solar panel installer and do they use contractors?

Are the installers CEC approved?

What is the component guarantee or warranty on solar panels?

Will the company honour their warranty/guarantees?






There has never been a better time to install a solar power supply on your home. Power prices are continually going up, and solar prices are coming down. The technology is also as good as it has ever been.

Purchasing the system that is right for you can be overwhelming. Here are some thoughts to help:


Solar Panel Costs Perth:


Solar is definitely worth the investment. Those with high electricity consumption will pay off their system quicker than those with lower energy consumption. It’s imperative that the system is sized to suit the needs of the household or business to maximise savings. A good solar company will be able to model all this on the latest software and tailor a package to suit your requirements.


Site suitability:


“Is my home suitable for a solar panels.”

Any home in Western Australia is definitely in a prime position to capitalise on the sun. North facing rooves are the best for solar panels, however there are also good gains possible from east/west facing systems – these making use of the sun over a longer period of the day.


Some shade can be ok, especially with the technology available today.


Too much shade will ensure the system is not working to maximum capacity.


Fullpower Electrics will take all these things into consideration with modelling the right system for you, However, we may even suggest a solar panel system may not be suitable for your home.




All solar systems will comprise the installation of the PV panels and the Inverter. These need to be placed and installed to maximise the gains to be achieved. Consideration could also be given to batteries so that power produced during the day can be stored and used at night, however this is not essential and maybe not even the best investment for you.


Solar Installer:


Solar cannot be install DIY. It needs to be installed by licensed and accredited providers.

Look for;


• CEC approved retailers and installers.

• Companies that have been in business for longer periods of time.

• Companies that care and who are trying to ensure the solar is designed to fit you and maximise your savings and benefits.

• Companies with an electrical contracting background (and base).


Ask to speak to other customers and look at the reviews. Make sure you are comfortable with your choice. The cheapest may not be the best option.


When you choose Fullpower Electrics all your questions will be answered. We provide the best solar panel systems around Perth.


We do this by providing quality and proven components, and the best CEC approved installing teams. All work is guaranteed. We use specific software to assess the system size based on your power usage. We use several past power bills to enter your data and rest assured we don’t over sell panels. We’ve been told our service is outstanding by past customers too.


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